How Divorce Works in Texas

The book that is entitled “Basics of Texas Divorce Law” written by Michelle O’Neil states that “A divorce can be one of the most stressful and emotionally involved experiences of your life”. There are certain requirements that have to be met before the divorce process and one of the basic things is that the parties involved should be the residents of the state of Texas. Also, there is supposed to be a valid reason. The spouse then discusses ways to settle the case and each one of them exchange information and the documents that can facilitate the process. This can be done directly or with the involvement of the attorneys or the mediators. If the mediations do not bore fruits and the spouses do not consent on some of the issues, then a trial has to take place in the court to try and find a fair means of solving the case. Mediation is one of the dispute resolution methods that involve the neutral third party to come in and try to negotiate a case amicably. The matter is finalized in the court of the law where the judge has to make an open declaration that the marriage is over, and a decree is then signed by the two candidates involved. This Divorce in Texas will become more complicated due to certain contested issues such as property ownership, custody, and the fitness of a parent. This is because when the parties involved have more things to agree on, the less difficult it becomes for the divorce to be settled.

It can take at least a period of six months to one year to settle the divorce but when conflicts ensue then the matter proceeds on for a longer time and it can be costly in the long run. The time the couples had lived together is a significant one because in one way or another they could have been supporting each other. The wealth created during that period is an important factor to be considered in the divorce case. One person in the couple might have been a provider for the other and the fact that they will no longer be together nor depend on each other can be quite a challenge to the other. This is one of the important aspects that the court has to look at and try to ensure that justice prevails. In addition, another determinant of how the case will be ruled out depends to some extent on the argument brought forth by the divorce lawyers. The court can also order for a social study to be conducted on the two parents and this is meant to thoroughly evaluate their living situation.

In conclusion, divorce is an issue that requires that the spouse involved be prepared to face various legal hurdles that are associated with the process. There is no definite time in the Texas law that the process is attributed to take. The grounds for a divorce must be verifiable and must be within the guidelines provided in the Texas Divorce Laws. Issues such as property rights, child support and custody as well as the fitness of a parent require careful consideration due to the intricacies involved. There is a need for the couples to learn the legal aspects of the divorce at the time they are settling in marriage to avoid many issues arising. Similarly, the mediators involved in the case should advise the parties involved on the need to agree peacefully on some of the issues so as to reduce the time spent on the case. If you have any questions about a divorce case, contact a divorce attorney in Dallas, TX, like the office of Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC.