If you are searching for a highly committed and experienced driving under the influence defense attorney, you’ll want to hire someone who knows how to challenge the case against you aggressively. Since there is so much at stake if you are convicted, you need the help of a seasoned legal professional. You can get immediate guidance from an experienced criminal defense attorney. A dedicated DWI lawyer can help you prepare for and address the various aspects of your case. So, if you have been arrested for DWI, do not hesitate to call an attorney. An attorney who focuses on driving under the influence defense must know the system and how to challenge your opponent’s case every step of the way. They review everything, including things like:

  • Any mistakes the police made when you were stopped
  • The results gleaned from a poorly functioning breathalyzer device
  • Your field sobriety test (which may have been incorrectly administered)
  • Lack of training and expertise by the person who tested your blood

Indeed, countless options exist for an experienced DWI defense attorney to protect your rights and remind law enforcement officers that you are innocent until proven otherwise. You have many constitutional rights that must be asserted and upheld.

Why Hire a DWI Defense Attorney?

Individuals accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are often unaware of how beneficial a lawyer can be. Also, they are often unaware that there are multiple steps in the legal process that takes place. There may be both a court process and a DMV process. Your attorney can guide you through the steps and may help you:

  • Keep your license
  • Remain out of jail
  • Cleared your record through expungement
  • Represent you in criminal court and the DMV administrative hearing
  • Get the charges against you dropped due to insufficient evidence

The unique details of your case will dictate your defense lawyer’s approach to your case. No matter how complex your case or how cut and dried the situation may seem, your DWI defense attorney knows how to provide the guidance you need. Defense lawyers guide clients through the criminal justice system over and over. They can counsel you and strive to provide the protection from prosecution you need.  An attorney who is focused exclusively on criminal defense with extensive experience in DWI defense is likely your best bet for overcoming your charges. Surely you want to keep your driving record clean, retain your license,  and avoid the most damaging penalties for driving under the influence. Thus, you need an attorney who will approach your case with vigor and dedication. A seasoned legal professional is more than prepared for cases involving first-time DWI, multiple and repeat DWIs, drunk driving with injuries, underage DWI, and even DWI-related murder or manslaughter.

Act Quickly!

If you are suspected of driving under the influence, you are well-advised to reach out to an experienced DWI defense attorney for legal guidance and advice. Contact a DWI attorney online or by phone for a thorough assessment of your case.