Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

Most people think of a personal injury attorney as a professional you rely upon when you are in an accident. Our firm handles both injuries, and what may come after. When a loved one is injured, we fight to make them whole by advocating for a large financial sum to help the injured move on with their life. However, there are times that the absolute worst occurs. Through no fault of their own, a person may be horrifically injured in an accident. If the injuries are severe enough, they may succumb to the injuries. The loss of life is the ultimate sacrifice. Medical bills, funeral expenses, unpaid time off while caring for the deceased.  Physically, emotionally, and financially, the wrongful death of a loved one changes everything. If this unfortunate and tragic accident occurs to one of your loved ones, you need a personal attorney experienced in successful wrongful death litigation. Before you do anything else, call one of our attorneys so we may guide you on this difficult path. 

Injury claims may arise from current and ongoing medical bills stemming from an accident. Should a wrongful death occur, surviving caretakers and family members are faced with even more tragedy. When a family member loses their fight for life, the spouse and children are left behind to pick up the pieces. In trying times such as these, you need an experienced wrongful death attorney that will advocate for you and your family’s needs. Households reliant on the deceased may suffer financial catastrophe if the breadwinner is no longer. The income that once supported the family unit creates economic uncertainty. The heartbreak of loss may cause pain and suffering, stemming from a loss of companionship. 

In times like these, you need to protect yourself and your loved one’s futures. A personal injury attorney may not be your first thought, but we are here waiting to guide you. Often the process seems overwhelming, the “what-ifs” and unknowns. Your injury attorney will advocate on your behalf for the damages you and you family are entitled to while you heal. 

At your first meeting, your personal injury attorney will inquire into the cause of death, location, prior health issues, and relationship to the liable party. To prove that the defendant legally responsible for your loved ones death, the issue will be decided by the jury, based on the evidence you provide to your wrongful death attorney. In a civil action such as wrongful death, you will have the burden of proving liability to the jury by a preponderance of evidence. While preponderance is one of the lower thresholds to meet, there is too much riding on your future to take anything to chance.

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