3 Ways a Debt Collection Attorney Could Help Your Situation

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As someone who borrowed money from another person or entity, you already know you’re going to have to pay it back at some point. Unfortunately, as a tax debt lawyer from a firm like The Law Offices of Ronald I. Chorches can explain, that point at which you owe a payment often comes too quickly. If you’re now in a situation that includes debt collectors contacting you in an effort to collect on the debt, you could be frustrated without a way to pay it back immediately. Contacting a bankruptcy lawyer or debt collection attorney could help in three ways.

1. Negotiating the Terms of Debt Payback

You might agree that you need to pay your debt back, but you simply don’t have the funds to do it now. Your lawyer can assist you in working with the creditor to come up with terms for payback. Perhaps the creditor will show some understanding and lower the debt so you don’t have so much to pay. Perhaps the creditor will work with you on a payment plan so you don’t have such a large burden all at once. There’s also the chance the creditor will want everything paid back right now, and that’s when you might benefit most from your lawyer’s negotiating skills.

2. Fighting Back Against Aggressive Collectors

Just because someone is a debt collector, doesn’t mean he or she can employ any tactic imaginable. There are certain things that debt collectors can’t legally do. For example, a debt collector who calls you multiple times a day for weeks, and is threatening violence against you or your family is committing an illegal act. If the collector only contacts you once in a while, but uses obscene language during those conversations, that is also illegally aggressive.

Your lawyer can assist in your case if the debt collector is trying to have you arrested for the debt or is pursuing you for a debt you don’t really owe. If he or she tries to visit you at your place of employment or calls you during the night, those are some other things your lawyer can help you fight back on.

3. Exposing a Dishonest Debt Claim

Sometimes a creditor will tack debt onto your account illegally. Of course, there may be fines or late fees tacked on, but some creditors think your debt is so high, you won’t notice if they just add a few hundred dollars onto the amount you owe. This is a dishonest debt claim and illegal. There are other similar situations as well, and your lawyer can help you get them exposed while fighting for your rights.

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When faced with debt you don’t have the ability to pay back, it may help to have a lawyer on your side. Contact a bankruptcy lawyer today to learn more.